Yulin, China

Summer Solstice is a day when temperatures are at their highest in China. It is also a day when people in the Southern Chinese city, YuLin, would slaughter a large number of dogs. The dogs are served as the main dish for that day, traditionally accompanied by lychee alcohol.

There are many versions to the origin of Dog-eating Festival; while some suggest that it is a longlasting local tradition, others say that it has only begun to be in-fashion within the last few years.

Animal protection groups claim that more than 100,000 dogs have been killed in YuLin so far, most of which shipped in from other parts of the country. The different types of dogs, including stray and stolen pet dogs, range from Dalmatians, Labradors, to Tibetan Mastiffs, etc. Some dogs were injected with poison or illnesses, which explains food-poisoning incidents in the past among festival-goers. Food safety, inevitably, has become one other reason why people in China protest against the activity.


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The cook processes the dog meat inside a restaurant in Yulin, GuangXi, China on Jun. 21, 2014. Dogs are purchased as whole from the market, they are then smeared with soy sauce and grilled using a smoke gun to remove excess fur. This process enhances the smell and makes the dog skin crunchy and tasty. According to the cook, the cooking time varies depending on the dog’s age and that one pot of dog meat must be from the same dog.