Photo by Gemini Cheng

W. Eugene Smith Grant Finalist | Magnum Foundation Fellow 2018 & Grantee 2019 | Working at the intersection of art and documentary. Based between Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Billy H.C. Kwok is a Hong Kong-Taiwan based photographer who began the career as a reporter in newspapers before pursuing his photographic career. He grew up in Hong Kong and witnessed its transition from the British to the Chinese regime, the wealth of stories that are present in the “Pan-Chinese” region and its extended areas have inspired Billy greatly and are reflected in his works.

He has been selected as
W. Eugene Smith Grant Finalist in 2020, Magnum Foundation fellows in 2018 and Magnum Foundation Fund Grantee in 2019 for his long-term project investigates into Taiwan’s political taboos & hidden histories and memories. His works also cover contemporary conditions after the handover, perceived as legacy of deep-rooted power structures in Hong Kong and China relationship.

Billy now splits his time between Hong Kong, Taiwan and China, among others. Apart from generating still images, he works both individually and collaboratively for multimedia storytelling.​


​2020 ¬

- Finalist, W. Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography, W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund

- Main Prize Honorable Mentions, PHmuseum 2020 Photography Grant, PHmuseum

- Merit, Photography (Single) , 24th Human Rights Press Awards

- Merit, Photography (Series) , 24th Human Rights Press Awards

​2019 ¬
- Grantee, Magnum Foundation Fund, Magnum Foundation
- Best Portfolio Review Award, Photo One 2019
- Nominee, World Press Photo 2019 Joop Swart Masterclass

2018 ¬
- Photography and Social Justice Fellow, Magnum Foundation

- Shortlisted, Photo Taken: Emerging Scholarship, Lucie Foundation
- Shortlisted, Photo Made: Emerging Scholarship, Lucie Foundation
- Nominee, World Press Photo 2018 Joop Swart Masterclass

- Finalist, WMA Masters Award, WYNG Foundation

- Finalist, Siena International Photo Award

2017 ¬
- Nominee, World Press Photo 2017 Joop Swart Masterclass
- Finalist, WMA Masters Award, WYNG Foundation

- Excellence in Photography, SOPA 2017 Awards
- Honorable Mention in Photography, SOPA 2017 Awards
- 全球華文永續報導獎: 專業組首獎

2016 ¬
- Honorable Mention, Press/General News. The Prix de la Photographie Paris: P×3
- Honorable Mention, Press/NatureEnvironment, The Prix de la Photographie Paris: P×3
- Honorable Mention, Photo Essay, Hong Kong Press Photographers Association Photo Contest
- 3rd Prize, Feature Story, Taiwan Press Photographers Association Photo Contest


2015 ¬
- Award for Excellence in Reporting on Women’s Issues, SOPA 2015 Awards
- Honorable Mention, Photo Essay, Hong Kong Press Photographers Association Photo Contest

2014 ¬
- 3rd Prize, Feature Story, Hong Kong Press Photographers Association Photo Contest
- English Online Merits, 19th Human Rights Press Awards


Gettyimages, The New York Times, TIME, The Washington Post, Libération, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, The New York Magazine, The Globe And Mail, The Financial Times, etc.


2019 ¬
- Taipei Artist Village, Taipei, Taiwan

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